The Thirteenth Object is the lower half of a robe, cut diagonally from just below the right elbow of the wearer, to the left hip. The Object is primarily made of cotton, and is dyed with something the colour of saffron. Minute analysis shows the Thriteenth Object to have been hand-woven, using a technique now known in Italy, and used primarily for sail-making. It has facings, which are woven with threads of gold into a scalloped design, reminiscent of, perhaps, the pinioned tips of thousands of quills.

The Thirteenth Object has a fastener, perhaps the first functional button in the world. It is small, cylindrical, and carved of ash. It is held to the garment, on the wearer’s left side of the join, by loops which fit snugly into a groove around the middle of button. The buttonhole is encircled by a design, but this appears to be abstract.

The Thirteenth Object is immune to Hermetic magic, as is usual for all of these artefacts, but it lacks any more obvious magical powers. The followers of the Path of the Dawn were able to examine this Object and, using the powers of Natural Magic, replicate its physical structures almost exactly. The robes they created are worn during their initiation into the Path’s Mysteries, and have become the most widely recognised symbol of their sect. These robes lack resistance to Hermetic magic, but do have the useful property that, while wearing their garment a magus may cast spells with Personal range in the Eos Lands.

Stories that the robes are sought in the mountains of the Alps, or on islands in the far West, are not absolutely untrue. The cotton they are made from does not seem to originate in Europe. The dye used does not appear to be the true crocus, but is said to come from a fallen temple of Apollo at some hidden place. Even the buttons are said to be made from the branches of a particular, and sacred, sapling, hidden in a regio that is surrounded on all sides by the Eos Lands. The buttons are attached with something that looks like gold thread. Supplicants to this Mystery, even if they do not quest for the other materials for the construction of the robe, always vanish for a few months, head east, and return with these golden filaments.

The Object appears to be stained with blood. This cannot be confirmed, but may be inferred, given the Thirtieth Object’s nature.


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