The Twelfth and Thirteenth Objects were recovered together. Their enumeration is not entirely random: it is a historic artefact. The Twelfth Object, under our present enumeration, caused a sensation when first described, while its companion has relatively subtle powers and was, initially, considered to be a part of the Twelfth. One was wrapped within the other.

The Twelfth and Thirteenth Objects were found in the grave of Xenophilia of Criamon when it was opened in 1350. Xenophilia, fillia Clement, was one of the patronesses of Path of the Dawn, a sept which continues to have a handful of members in the Order to this very day, centred around a covenant in Isfahan. The Criamon magi claimed they were led to her tomb, and asked to open in, by visions, which gave them the keys to some, but not all, of the intellectual exercises which disabled the wards. The Prima returned with them to the Cave of Twisting Shadows, in ghostly form, but that she has not since been seen. Those who spoke with Xenophilia said she claimed that the Twelfth Object proved that her master’s study was at best incomplete.

Physically, the object is chain bracelet of white gold, with a thin layer of some unknown, brightly silver, metal coating it. Its links show no signs of solder, and so it was either created by magic or crafted with exceptional skill. The Object, like all its kind, is immune to Hermetic investigation.

Up to three times per day, if the wearer says the word “veritas”, the Object shines with an intense silvery glow that radiates like candlelight, but does not flicker. Any demon that touches or sees this light is harmed greviously by it, regardless of that demon’s  rank in the infernal hierarchy. This effect was discovered by accident, and was originally thought to simply be a source of illumination. Investigation rapidly indicated that this is a Magic-aligned spell-like effect, similar to a high magnitude casting of Demon’s Eternal Oblivion.

The Twelfth Object bought the rest of the Objects to the forefront of Hermetic research for a time, and is the proximate cause of the Foundation of the Academy. It garnered such strong reactions because, unlike the other Objects, this one clearly had been crafted as a magical item. It was not simply an Object that had been exposed to strange environmental conditions, because it has a triggering word. It was not pulled from the land of dreams, as such objects would not need to trade off between area of effect and frequency of use, as this one appears to. It is not a Criamon adulteration, as it lacks any taint of  spiritual imperfection.

Xenophilia led an adventurous life, so where she found the Objects is not recorded. Stories indicate that a major demon attempted to prevent their recovery, lacking any method of destroying the bracelet. This being then switched strategies and allowed his minions to use the bracelet against the servants of other demons, during various nocturnal battles. After Xenophilia and her companions began to hunt the demon’s followers, he hid the bracelet in an Infernal regio in Scotland, which Xenophilia collapsed with succursus powder, after recovering the Object.


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