The Ninth Object is sometimes called the Maghribi Pen. There is no  evidence that the Object comes from North Africa, but the only pen of similar structure found by early Academicans belonged to a noble from that region. It is unusual in that it has a reservoir for ink within the stem of the pen.

The pen uses a small lever to work a pump to fill the reservoir. Some Verditius magi believe, philosophically, that this technique should not work. The pen is marked with the runes for moving liquid and changing colour, and so the lever was perhaps a redundant system for a magical effect. This effect has failed, perhaps due to whatever causes the Objects to be resistant to Hermetic magic.

The pen can still be used to write, and the words written by it cannot be recovered by Hermetic magic, either by direct scrying, or from the minds of the readers. The pen was recovered in 1229 from a minor French warlord, who claimed he was given it by a shadowy figure whose name he could not recall. This was possibly a demon, but others blame a trickster from House Tytalus.  He had little opportunity to use it for ill, so far as well can tell. There are stories of a band of magi or redcaps chasing his missives across Europe, snatching them away before they can be read and substituting innocuous forgeries. These are likely exaggerated.

The pen has also, at least once, been used to stab a magus to death. This accounts for the damage to the nib of the pen, which is no harder than any other gilt iron would be. The unfortunate victim was Cattalus the Playwright, although the culprit has never been discovered.


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