The Sixth Object is a rug of Asiatic design, predominantly red in colour, with a stylised floral pattern upon its upper surface. It appears to be woven from a plant fibre, knotted to a design traced to the Kurdish people. It contains dyes not native to, or known to be traded in, areas of Kurdish occuption. The rug seems to share the immunity that all Objects have to magic selectively, so that any person, Gifted or not, may stand upon it and see through all manner of illusions, regardless of the Realm from which they emerge.

It initially appeared in Naples, probably in 1226, where it was mistaken for an Arabic magical item by a church scholar. He presented it to his bishop, who sold it to fund participation in a crusade.  It was purchased by a nobleman who was proxy for Cassia of Jerbiton. Her attempts to determine the powers and activation rituals of the object failing entirely, she sought counsel from her Verditus and then Bonisagus sodales.  An object of unknown origin which was immune to Hermetic magic, and thus could cross the Parma Magica,  terrified contemporary magi. As a security measure, and perhaps as a measure of their loathing, they refered to the rug as “that object”, from which phrase our modern nomeclature descends. 

The Sixth and Seventh Objects, together with a table of cerulea wood, were the first to generate an Eos Aura.


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