The Second Object is a golden ring, set with a large diamond, of unusual clarity and cut. It is presumed to be of magical manufacture. The ring has a small, smooth split in its back, if the setting be considered the front, but this is not, apparently, damage. Some Verditus magi have suggested it is to allow the ring to be resized.

The Second Object enters the historical record on the left hand of Guillaime of Palermo, a retired pirate captain in the Adriatic, who was hiring himself to noblemen as an assassin of wizards. A skilled fighter, and made immune to Hermetic magic by the Second Object, he was a formidable foe, and is believed to have killed eighteen  redcaps and three magi before being slain. He was, it is recorded, described by the ghosts of his victims, and the redcaps offered a bounty sufficient to found a covenant in exchange for his death. He was killed by a group of mundane, but skilled, companions, who instead used the money to found the Alabaster House. 

There is a play by Catallus that suggests that his ghost was forced to give the names of his employers, and these were crushed in a single night of vindicitveness, thereby curtailing Hermetic hositilities with Venice. The historicity of this account cannot be confirmed, particularly given the carnal powers the playwright grants to the character who is, himself a playwright.

The ring, despite its obvious utility, was considered an accursed thing by House Mercere, and they were only persuaded from destroying it by the leader of the Trianoman faction, who exchanged it for the memorial monument built in what is now the grounds of the Commemorative Orphanage of St Severin.


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