A new piece of mythic lore, for those facing the might of the Flambeau, or other wizards skilled in fire magic. In On Architecture, the author records that Julius Ceasar once tried to subdue a tribe who had a great wooden tower before their fortress.  He had his men rain down fiery arrows on it, but this proved ineffective.  As the barbarians were defending themselves with only javelins and thrown stones, he had his men protect themselves, and build up fires about the base of the wall, which burned fiercely.  After this was done, the wall was blackened, but remained.

After further besiegment and some statecraft, Ceasar overcame his enemies, and asked about the wood their tower was made from. The wood is the larch and the pores of it are so fine that fire atoms do not enter into them, and so although the wood may burn, it does so by becoming a hard, black block of charcoal, and will not catch flame. As it does not catch flame, it does not disintergrate in the heat, tossed about by the air.

And so, the larch is immune to flames.  I wonder if the Diedne used this during the Schism War? Did they have an elite unit, skilled in Larch magic, and did the Flambeau counter with the sept of Apropomor, skilled in pure destruction?

In other news

I’ll be speaking at WordCamp GC 2011 about online bookclubs.  If you’re in the Happiness Bar, come chat!

I’m going to try something for NaGaDeMoN, which is like NaNoWriMo for gamers. It’s called “Thirty Objects of Desire”, and it starts next week.  See you then!


One thought on “Quick Asides: The Larch

  1. Looking forward to it. I have no doubt that you can make thirty contributions in thirty days. Glad you’ve found a November commitment!


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