According to Mick on Time Team, nettles are attracted to potassium, which is found in some areas as a result of ancient dung heaps or toilet pits.  This means you can find a lost settlement in a forest by looking for nettles.

For Hermetic magi, finding nettles is ridiculously easy: Hunt The Wild Herb, for example, will detect nettles. This means magi seeking fallen covenants, or other sites of abandoned human habitation, can find a clue with the aid of a spell weak enough for most to cast spontaneously.


2 replies on “Ars Magica Note: Nettles

  1. Flowers, herbs, and other cultivars (which actually includes nettles) are good signs of past habitation. If magi know that a covenant was lost in a particular area searching for these could be very helpful, but otherwise they’re apt to find a lot of mundane ruins. I wonder if there are any plants that would be more specific to covenants or other magic sites, either a mundane plant of particular importance to magic or something that is attracted to these sites when they fall.


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