I need this done for Auscon, since I’ll be running it twice, and so I’ve made many additions to Escape to the Tin Islands. Stats for grogs, and outlines for scenes two and three have been added.

The sessions are four hours long, so I think I may need an additional scene.  As it lies now the characters have a lot of optional roleplaying scenes, which are forced on them as remediation if they make mistakes. If the characters take every option for battle, they currently have:

  • raiding the Sancho warehouse
  • pirating the Sancho ship
  • fighting the pirate fleet
  • defending against a faerie siege
  • attacking the spirit wyrm

 Perhaps that’s long enough?


2 replies on “Escape to the Tin Islands shudders forward

  1. Do you have a compiled file for this? I’m headed to Gencon and there’s a gathering of game designers who’ve mentioned to me several times how they’d love to play Ars Magica. I’m thinking this might be the way to start them off.



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