So, an eventful weekend, from a writing perspective. I was kind of blocked on a project I’m working on, and my wife, listening to my complaints, said “Can you do X?” and, why yes, yes I can, so I hammered out 2 000 words today.  My deadline’s late January, and I need another 15 000 words, so it’s still a little touch and go.

On the Librivox front, I completed small parts for Henry VIII, Antony and Cleopatra, and Cymbeline. I play soothsayers in the last two, and Lord Sands in Henry VII is a lot of fun.  He turns up, gets arch about how it’s good to send flash young men overseas to wars because it makes him more attractive to women, kisses a future queen, and then vanishes strangely. I’ve been listening to Psmith novels recently, so my Sands is a bit “What ho!” in his tone.

I have bitten off more than I can chew by volunteering for the role of Thermadidas in Tamburlaine. It’s rather more substantial, because his job is basically to give Tamburlaine someone to talk to.


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