Isabella, a gentlewoman, and Rodrigo, a merchant captain, are now written up.  The third I want to write up is a thief, but the thief in the core book is pretty close to what I want, so I’ll skip her for now and instead work on the scenes of the story.


2 replies on “First two companions are up for the Tin Islands project

  1. Ok , the stated intent is to get new players interested in Ars Magica.
    How will they feel when they create new Companion characters with the RAW ,
    that are not as skilled as those in the convention module?

    A bit nitpicky , but
    Isabella has 1250xp in Abilities (62.5 years at 20xp)
    Rodrigo has 915xp in Abilities (61 years at 15xp).


    1. Graham, your sums are incorrect.

      Remember that in these characters, specialisations have been converted into a straight +1, included in the score, and the Characteristics have already been added to each applicable Ability.

      Within those parameters, the characters are corect. Rodrigo has Wayfarer (+50 XP) on his standard sheet, which isn’t repeated here becasue it lacks mechanical or roleplaying effect.


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