So, the poll has run for a sufficent time to get useful data.  So here we go.

As a group, readers want

  • an adventure
  • for newbies
  • that can be run at cons.

So my first take on this is that the characters are junior magi in a covenant which is threatened with annihilation, and they lead a group of emigrees to a new spot.

I’ll be working on this over at and bloggin as I develop it at each step.


6 replies on “A rough idea of the poll’s outcome

  1. Pre-Gens or let people submit characters for approval ?

    Reward Points from Atlas for a freebie book or some such?
    Yeah , i know this is rarely profitable or translates into increased sales.

    What about letting teams submit a covenant they design?
    Obviously need a few restrictions on all the book options
    so that GMs have time to cope.


    1. Pregens. This is for people who have not played before, to play at cons. When I’m done they will have set PCs, because by setting the PCs I can show them features of the magic system, and the game more generally. Sure it’s a railroad, but it’s a con game; it’s not about you starting a saga. That can happen, if you like, and if you have a home group and want to run it, you can adapt it, but the basics are going to be that you get 6 characters, and each has two scenes in which they are the spotlight character.

      You will get a fully written character sheet, but these will never be handed to the players at a con. The Ars sheet is insanely difficult for new players to grasp. Instead, after doing the main sheet, I’ll be doing abrreviated derived sheets, and I’ll be doing a spell menu for each magus.

      And I won’t be using Latin terms for the Arts, either. They’ll be mentioned on the sheet, but the sheet will be in English throughout. The spell descriptions will say “Create Fire”, not Creo Ignem, not CrIg.

      People voted for intro: this is how I’m doing intro.

      As to Atlas giving prizes and that kind of thing – I have no control over what Atlas does. There are already some intro demos on the webpage for the Atlas demonstration team; I’ve even run some of them at GenConOz. They have a promo point system, but I can’t structure this project around them giving benefits to people, because I have no control over that.


    1. Ben, I’m not asking for money for this, so what’s the advantage of a patronage system? I can see the point of a patronage book for, say “Ars Magica : Ancient Egypt” or “Ars Magica : China” because those would be massive undertakings and the authors involved would need to be paid. In my case though, all I’d need would be reimbursement for the cost of art used, and who knows, I might be able to get someone to do my maps for free.

      By the way, Ben: I’d really like you to share your experiences with the guys on The Stockade blog. It’s for Australian indie game designers.


      1. I’ll go hunt it down, I’m always looking for that sort of community.

        I still think a patronage set up would be good, because then we could get a polished layout and compensate artists, and really create a sort of “gateway” scenario that draws people in to check things out further. That’s worth doing well.



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