The Paper Ship

This weeka short episode. It comes from the work of Lucy Lane Clifford, who provided the hollow faerie protagonist of “From Out of the World” last month and the creepy “New Mother” from the month before. I’m notsure what I want to do with it/ I think it’s a faerie regio. This poem was read…

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It’s the March 2019 transcripts. These include supplementary statistics for creatures described in earlier episodes.

Pu: The Tiger of Chao-Cheng

This week we start a new series of posts by a particular author. For the last few years we’ve been doing the works of Lord Dunsany, which I hope eventually to collect together into a vast annotated omnibus. Since then we’ve had some M.R. James, some Benson but for the next six or seven months…

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From Outside The World

This is a story by Lucy Clifford which reminds me of a faerie, lacking a soul but having enough cognisance to know that she’s not fitting her role. *** She wandered about in the sunshine all the day long, over the fields and in the woods, picking the flowers and listening to the birds, and…

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