It’s late: sorry all. I’m in Australia, we are having a heat wave and my computer isn’t in an air-conditioned room. GFF Jan 2019 is go.

Poison maidens

Poison maidens occur in Indian folklore, where they are called visha kanya. They are assassins. Perhaps they are based on a real tradition of women taught to seduce and then poison the men to whom they are sent as gifts, but that seems almost entirely theoretical. In the more developed form, the maidens are raised…

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Dunsany: The Mist

This is a tiny episode, recorded sometime ago when I was doing all the Duunsany material. It’s only about a minute long but it’s his take on the armies of ghosts which we covered in one of the previous books. I remember a Criamon magus putting on the cap of their leader. Now for a…

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2019 Microepisode Week

These transcripts are from the two episodes originally published in the January microepisode week. There was a third episode that week, and it has a separate transcript. Microepisode week is to allows me to use up plot ideas that have been sitting in my notebooks for a while. I’ve noticed that ideas that go out…

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