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  • Mirarion Chapter 20

    I didn’t have time to run. I tried, but the thing that had been Apophany swelled¬†enormously in an instant. It reached out a great, clawed hand for me, and grabbed my leg. The hand was covered in dark scales that… Read More ›

  • Mirarion Chapter 19

    Things had advanced further than I’d hoped. The island was a small pocket of Hell already. Illusionists are more sensitive to some thing than other people, and the¬†sickliness in the air radiated out almost to the ship. The seawater was,… Read More ›

  • Mirarion Chapter 18

    We had few allies for the final battles in Stonehenge. The Tytalus and Flambeau were shaping up for war over the spoils in France and Germany, so few of them crossed the sea. House Ex Miscellanea was actively mopping up… Read More ›

  • Mirarion Chapter 17

    While we were fighting the Diedne, House Tytalus had seized its moment. Branugurix fell the day after the Battle at Durenmar. The Tytalus opened the Mercere Portal, and my family were invited through. Our mixture of necromancers and tricksters used… Read More ›

  • Mirarion Chapter 16

    The Battle of Durenmar never officially happened. Be aware of that before you discuss what I say with anyone else. This is what didn’t happen. The Diedne leadership were never apprehended, as you know, so we can only conjecture as… Read More ›

  • Mirarion Chapter 15

    My little team had no name initially, although our commanders began to call us the Foolish Fires. We went out into the area through which our enemies would approach and filled it with inexplicable phenomena. The sillier the better, in… Read More ›


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